The New Music Box For iPad

Designed for instant fun and live music

PLAYSET is an intuitive drum and synth sequencer, designed for instant fun and live music.

Start with the drums. Add a sneaky bass line, dress it with a fat lead and you've got your song.

Adjust the mix, light on the FXs, add a few patterns to the timeline and your song is a hit!

All-in-one creation in real time

PLAYSET allows you to compose a 4-track drum beat (kick, snare, high-hat and perc), a bass line track (bass) and a melody track (lead). All drums, bass and lead tracks use sample-based analogic synthesizers and electric pianos. With these three instruments (6 tracks) you have the ability to create a complete song without using any other app. And since Playset is fully in real time, you will never, ever, have to wait. At last, feel free to express yourself through musical creation!

An outstanding sample library

We have carefully selected a library of samples for each instrument. This original selection enables you to create a wide range of music styles, from hip-hop to R&B, to rock, pop or electronic music, jazz, EDM and so on. More than 1000 samples have been meticulously recorded, produced and organized in our studio at Fingerlab. All these samples were produced with legendary instruments, drum machines, and synthesizers such as (just to name a few) the Roland SH-101, TR-808, TR-909 and Juno 106, MFB, Wurlitzer, Simmons, Nord Drum, Ludwig and Rhodes gear, the Yamaha CS01 and CS70, Doepfer’s Dark energy, the Boss DR-110, Casio’s MT-40, the Akai MPC and many more. This unique sample library was inspired by cult producers like Giorgio Moroder, Dr. Dre, Mr. Oizo, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher or Kraftwerk.

Rich powerful songs

It seemed essential to us to include a lot of FX in order for you to go further in sound creation and experimentation. Therefore, in PLAYSET, you will find classical reverb, delay, distortion, vibrato and chorus effects, as well as a wide range of other original effects. One of them, for example, is a compressor that will give your song a “French touch” vibe. Of course, we also added a mixing deck to fine-tune your song, plus pitch, length, pan, and master level controls for each 6 tracks and the master track. Use these without moderation!

Endless possibilities

Creating music with PLAYSET is very intuitive and fun, but it doesn’t stop here. Every song file (.pls) can be saved, shared and exported as a master track or on separate tracks (.wav).

PLAYSET supports IAA & Audiobus, which means you can work with many other compatible apps like DM1-The Drum Machine.

PLAYSET also supports Audio Unit (AUV3), which means you can open it in many studio hosts such as Garageband or Cubase.

Finally, PLAYSET supports MIDI data. It means that you can play PLAYSET with your MIDI keyboard 

PLAYSET is fully in real time, which means that a Dj can play it live.

PLAYSET supports Ableton Link, in order to synchronise BPM with other supported apps.

Playset app preview by fingerlab

What about pricing ?

You will be charged one time for the entire Playset app, which includes … absolutely everything. And as is the case with all our apps, all upcoming updates will be free.

How do I learn to use PLAYSET?

We have included an interactive tutorial that will help you use PLAYSET. It looks like a game, and will appear the first time you launch PLAYSET. We also added a help box through which you can access the tutorial whenever you want.

What about music rights ?

All the music created with PLAYSET is 100% yours. There is no fee, and no license involved. The only thing that is not permitted is to copy and/or sell our samples.

What is the difference with DM1?

PLAYSET is not a new drum machine! Its drum section has been broken down into just 4 tracks, which lends more weight to the bass and melody (lead) tracks. DM1, as a drum machine, only includes drum tracks, whereas Playset allows you to compose a full song with bass, lead and drum sections. For your information, we are still thinking about developing a sequel for DM1 …


PLAYSET is going to open up your creativity, and we just can’t wait to listen to your future mixtape. If you want to share your Playset creation with the world, please include the hashtag #MyPlayset to your social media posts.

What is our ambition for PLAYSET?

A Mac OS version of PLAYSET will be available soon, (.pls) files created on iPad will be compatible with PLAYSET’s Mac version, and vice versa. The Mac version, just like the iPad version, is Audio Unit. This means that you can open your PLAYSET projects as plugins directly into your favorite software (Live, Cubas, ...) and finish off your production.

Our customer’s feedback is always going to be essential for us to adjust, correct, improve and add new features and content to our products.

PLAYSET v1.0 Specifications

✔ Multi-touch sequencer (adjustable between 1 and 32 steps, double tap to create triolet)

✔ 50 original sample kits (Rap,Trap,EDM,Electro,Dance...)

✔ Mixing desk (mute, level, pitch, length, pan controls and full custom kit per track)

✔ 2 FX module per instrument (reverb, delay, disto, chorus, compressor, vibrato, tremolo, flanger, lowpass…)

✔ Patterns & Timeline module

✔ Extra-fast bounce (master/separated tracks, mono/stereo, patterns/song, .wav)

✔ Share & import your projects (.pls)

✔ Embedded Gallery with demo songs

✔ Audiobus support

✔ Ableton Link support

✔ MIDI support

✔ Audio Unit support (instrument)

✔ Audio background mode

✔ Interactive tutorial


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